Live, and let live

602193_4720966297965_320785344_nWhat a wise saying.

With this being such a controversial day in the United States given the possibility of marriage equality for all, I felt compelled to post a little something about this issue.

As straight as I am, I have always believed that everyone has the right to be happy with whomever makes them happy. Today, I changed my profile picture to the red equal sign in support of the many, many gay friends and family members that have been brave enough to recognize their sexual orientation publicly (as sad as it is to think that there is so much homophobia out there, preventing people from being themselves).

One of my friends is usually SO very opinionated on social media when it comes to politics – as if she herself were lobbying for them – and her posts today were no different. First, she didn’t know what the red equal banner was for, and once it was explained to her, she tried to be sarcastic about it. Then, she posted a bunch of “conservative” (understatement of the century) lines about how God only acknowledges a marriage between a Man and a Woman and people should just be happy with a civil union and blah blah.

This friend of mine got married about 3 years ago, and has a one and a half year old daughter. All I wanted to post on her ranting status was – “What if your daughter came to you at some point and said ‘Mom, I’m a lesbian’? Would you reject her? Would you want her to ignore her feelings for someone of the same sex because you condemn them? Would you not want to see your daughter getting married and uniting her life to that person she loves – just like you did some years ago – because ‘God’ wants her in a heterosexual relationship?”

I understand that not everyone will agree on things, and to this day civil rights are a huge issue in the US and in many other countries. But to go on social media rants with hurtful opinions and saying how much “all the red flags in my news feed are bothering me” – then you’ve lost me. You can’t be religious for what’s convenient, and then when you don’t agree you turn your back. “God is love,” and whatever else you want to say to me… If you come with your sermons, then you better be great at backing it up and sticking to ALL of it.

50 years from now, once all these equality laws have passed and people are living in a truly equal society, they will look back and say “wow, these people were in the cusp of closed-mindedness and the stoneage,” just like we do today when we frown at slavery, racism, sexism, and more.


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