Loved this post and I am now intrigued to read this book!

50 Year Project

Last year when I attended the London Book Fair I had the pleasure of listening to an interview with Caitlin Moran, the author of How To Be a Woman. Before the interview started, a young woman sat down next to me and asked me if I was familiar with Moran. I had to confess that I was not. She said, “Oh, she’s hilarious. She’s the reason I came today.”

Moran did not disappoint. As it turns out, I found her to be comical and insightful. According to Moran, after a night at the pub, where she and her cohorts bemoaned the sad state of feminism, she decided to write a book about feminism. Five months later How To Be a Woman existed. I have to give it to her. Usually when I leave the pub I head home, drink some water, and hope I don’t have a headache in…

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